Staple Corporate Items: Day 1

One way of spending wisely is making sure you invest in items that are going to sustain you and that you're likely to wear more than once in the year before you decide it's out of season. We all know those impulse buys were in the moment the shirt looks so irresistible you have to buy it - THEN 24 hours passes and you regret your decision. Yes, we went less of those and more of these planned spends. So I'm going to do a 7 day entry of my staple items in a bit of depth because I've seen people with a couple of queries. Any questions unanswered? Let me know!

The Classic Black Heel

Now, it irritates me so much when I see people mentioning 'black pumps' as a staple item and talking about comfort, without going into the depth about picking which one - there's absolutely loads! So in a situation were we're spoilt with choice, how do we choose? Well that depends on how comfortable you are with heels and lets face facts - whether the look of the heel is actually as important as comfort. Some people barely walk two steps once they reach the office, whereas I myself am constantly walking chasing clients around. 

So we have option 1, a lower heel with extra comfort which will give you all the endurance you need to last you throughout your work day. This is optimum for those with a more hurried schedule whilst on their feet. It's also ideal for those new to heels as they can give you a gradual way to build up your ability to walk comfortably in heels. After all, the worst thing would be trying to rock a pair and then tripping over - which I actually did in front of a large crowd once. Looks wise, it's not the most appealing.

Then option 2, the 'eye capturer' slash potential foot killer if you're not used to this sort of length. Also I'd recommend trying in these because they can be uncomfortable depending on your foot shape, and a wider fit may be neccesary. If you can handle them, I'd go for it, if not I really wouldn't attempt it.

Finally option 3, 'the compromise' as it offers both the elegance of option 2 but promises the same comfort of option 1. This is definitely a winner, if you don't mind low heels. I myself don't particularly like low heels I prefer mid, just looks wise, but these definitely look and feel good.

That's it for day 1 but stay tuned for the rest of the week for more details on staple corporate items! 

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