Staple Corporate Items - Day 2 to 7

For those of you who did listen to me and tune back into the website for the past 6 days, only to be disappointed by no post – I hold myself fully accountable and extend my sincerest apologies. I’ve been madly busy, just as much with my personal life as well as my work life. For those accountants/auditors, and also people in transactional services as I’ve recently found out, you’ll know this month is what they call ‘busy season’ which means quite a few late nights.

Any whom, seeing as I’m having to now play catch up – you’ll be receiving 5 staple corporate items in one day! It’s basically as good as when miss a few episodes of your favourite show and then you have a nice marathon all in one night... yes, that good.

Perfect Pencil/Not Pencil Skirt

Now I know pencil skirts are classically associated with work, but I have to be clear in saying they don’t suit EVERYONE. This is meant as no offence to anybody anywhere but people need to dress for their body shape and buy what suits them not what suits the hanger.

With that being said, there are some lovely pencil skirts and if we’re going for staple then black and grey are the colours you want to go for. If it’s a high waisted pencil skirt I’d for go for one that’s about mid length, as having it too long almost makes the body look shorter. This one from House of Fraser – mid waist and just below the knees – is a beautiful yet safe option. It offers a lot of variety in terms of styling with different blouses and shoes as it’s very neutral, which is why it’s a timeless workwear classic.

This warehouse pleated skirt is one of my personal favourites, and should soon feature on the blog. It’s a beautiful statement skirt but one that doesn’t take away from any other items of clothing because of it’s simple nature. Perfect for those who may have a curvier body where a pencil skirt may look too tight or ‘distracting’ (even though we can’t help looking beautiful as females).

Finally, this jersey midi skirt from Dorothy Perkins is beautiful with a crisp white shirt and a pair of pointed heels – gorgeous! Could possibly be worn as part of a more vintage outfit with a 60s feels to it but overall just a great skirt. 

Statement Blazer

When people this ‘bold’ and ‘statement blazer’ a lot of people instantly think bright colours and encaptivating patterns. I think the charm is in the fit of the blazer and sadly with blazers it’s usually the more expensive it is, the better the tailoring and overall finish of the blazer. The white blazer in one of my previous posts was actually on £25.00 but those come far and wide. These blazers I’ve picked are ones which I think are elegant, bold and versatile. The blue probably less so than the others, but for those who prefer a bit of a ‘pop’ when they get into the office, it’s a beauty.

Weatherproof Dress

When I say weatherproof, I mean a dress that can last throughout all the seasons. So this is a dress that’s comfortable and airy for those summer days. A dress which doesn’t ride up and goes well with tights for the winter season. A dress which is business appropriate but, with a little manipulation, perfect for cocktails after work. 

These gorgeous three pieces are from, if you click on the pictures the links do work!



For some trousers are essential but there are some females who are quite happy with their skirts and dresses; each to their own. I enjoy a bit of variety and trousers are my comfort in the winter – especially being in Manchester were it can get quite chilly and tends to rain pretty much every day.

Which trousers to choose from? Well there’s wide leg, skinny trousers, straight leg, three quarter, chinos, chino-like – basically we’re overloaded with choice. Much of this depends on how corporate your office really is. If you have a more laid back dress code, you could get away with chinos and a blazer and no one would bat an eye lid. If you’re unsure, straight leg trousers are a safe bet and they go with quite a range of shoes.

Wide leg trousers are quite good if you have bigger thighs as straight leg trousers can sometimes hug that section a bit too comfortably. My issue tends to be with height, and because I’m quite short some pairs don’t always look as good without heels. Either way, I recommend you TRY THEM ON, clothes can be so deceiving! 

Neutral Blouses/Shirts

I always feel crisp white shirts are always left to men, and to be honest they get the better designs in my opinion. It’s only lately I’ve seen women starting to take it and accessorise it in both feminine and bold ways (female power yeah!). This one from TM Lewin has everything from the collar detail, to the effortless, purity of a really clean cut white shirt – nightmare to iron though!

Hobbs is probably in my top 5 for a place to buy blouses – it would be number one if I could afford it. So I chose easy to wear tops, white black and nude - perfect colours for many different combinations. Each one for different fits as well. The black top from Hobbs allows your skin to breathe a bit, but it definitely wouldn't do good for me my arms aren't too great (time to hit the gym). Whilst the white shirt is a bit more fitted, the nude 'Esme' blouse from Hobbs allows you to be quite comfortable as it's a bit baggy.

Good Pair of Tights

Now this is one people always tend to miss out, which I can never understand as this item is the one that continually bugs me. I don’t know how many packs of tights I’ve gone through purely because they either ladder really quickly or tend to slide down throughout the day so I have to keep uncomfortably pulling my skirt and tights up.

I’ve gone and bought tights everywhere from Monsoon to Primark and I haven’t found the ‘ideal’, long lasting pair of tights that I long for. So I’m going to leave this one out to the public? Where do you buy your tights from and do they LAST? I would love to know!! 

Comment below! :)