So it's quite coincidental that I happened to shoot at this building number 20, as I approach my 20th birthday. That's on the 11th of November for those of you who would like to plan and prepare presents accordingly. But any whom, I am super excited to enter a new year of my life and do so having met lot's of new awesome people. Not to mention the amazing architecture that I seem to see on every street I cross, London is really a beautiful place! I think myself and Tim Ogu [www.timothyogu.tumblr.com], the photographer who I worked with for this shoot, were shocked at the amount of places just waiting to be photographed. 

So this blazer is from H&M and I'm sure you've already heard me rave on enough about their formal wear section - but let me go on again. As the price increases the quality of the blazers increases massively. I had a white blazer from H&M that lost structure in a really odd way and I almost went off their blazers permanently. But this one was a £5/£10 more and it has survived all washes so far. The rest of the outfit from top down goes as: New Look|Top, DorothyPerkins|Skirt, Primark|Shoes. I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and I'm going to spend the rest of mine doing some Econ & Stats. The joys! Peace and love xx