Entering Spring

What does spring entail for you in the fashion world? For me, Spring invites vibrant splashes of colour and cool breeze. Spring lays out the opportunity to wear cool and light fabrics, without sacrificing detail and elegance. I have to say I’m pretty excited to stock up my spring wardrobe considering I’m a ‘winter girl’. I love winter fashion purely because of the coats, boots and lets not lie – the fact that you have an excuse to wear a couple of layers that cover up any Christmas weight that you happen to gain over the December period. However, I’m ready to ditch the cold weather and embrace the sun a little bit more – even if it’s not the warmest period of the year. I’ve also been doing my insanity, right up till this Saturday when I sprained my ankle, so I’m in a decent condition to start shedding those winter layers now. 


So where do we begin for SS14? I’d say Warehouse. I’m pretty sure you all know by now Warehouse is my ‘go to’ place and rightly so! It’s a place that guarantees style and QUALITY so that you know you’re buying clothes that last – even if it is slightly more expensive than the likes of New Look or H&M. It entails everything I’d like for a young professional shopper; modern styles that have a classic, corporate edge to it. Match made in heaven! Here are my top spoils for SS14 this year. Don’t go too wild!

So Warehouse have definitely gone print crazy with their new collection, but they've done it well. Prints that 'pop' but don't look like they should actually be on some curtains or a cushion instead. They've also done really well with their pastels and that coral blue! Oh Warehouse - you never fail when it comes to tempting the money out of my bank account...

ASOS – One of my flatmates, Natasha, once complained to me that ASOS has too much that it can be a tenuous task trying to find exactly what it is you want. I completely agree, which is why I only go on there when I have money. When I actually DO have money, I go on it and I end up spending less because there’s soooo much on there that the choice can actually be ‘off putting’. I think ASOS is really good for ‘fashion steals’.

fa·sh·ion· steals Spelled [fah-shon-steels]

'Fashion Steals – any item currently in trend, bought at a price were the consumer is thought to have benefited greatly and saved a considerable amount of money. ‘

There's not really a particular 'theme' to the new spring collection, but I think that's part of ASOS' look so I won't fault them on that. Those satin trousers are an absolute steal, so much so, that they also entered my shopping basket...

RiverIsland, they've been really quiet in my life recently, but when it comes to colour – I think they hit the mark. Bright but not tacky is hard to find, and I’ve certainly tried! 

If that doesn't get you excited about colours I don't know what will. Especially when they're done so well! I think I need to stop there before I end up falling victim to the endless sales and 'bargains' on these websites!


I hope this inspires your spring/summer wardrobe for 2014!