Coat Loving

So I may have fallen slightly in love with my new coat - maybe more than slightly I'm not sure. I've had to refer to the picture several times to try and remember what I wore underneath as the underlayer seemed so inferior to the coat itself! I had a bit of fun with the pictures on my instagram @corporateclassic, take a look when you get the chance. But anywhom the coat's from Warehouse - it's light, not particularly warm BUT we're going into Spring so that doesn't matter too much anyway. It does puff up a little bit too much sometimes, but I'm guessing it's because of the material. You can't have everything hey? 

The sun's been so inviting lately, I've been tempted to sneak out a few spring items. But as soon as I step outside, it seems I'm hit by 90mph winds and torrential rain (I may be exaggerating slightly here). Point is, the weather is so deceiving. I will however, let you know when it is safe to bring out your floral prints and cooler dresses. So even though blue skies and the sun keeps popping out to say hi, it is a sham. Spring is NOT here. During this shoot me and Tom had to move about 5 times just to get away from the wind as it kept blowing my hair. If you have african hair, you'll know it'll move and stay there which is not convenient for a shoot. So please God, let Spring/Summer come around now? 

Have a lovely week guys!