Do's and Don't's With Your Officewear

Hey guys. So I thought I'd touch on the 7 cardinal sins of officewear and address each and every one. I'm sure these probably apply more when it's your first day or at interviews as you tend to air on the side of caution. As you become more comfortable in your workplace you begin to know what's safer to wear and what will stir a few looks your way. This is not to limit your wardrobe or to make it boring or dull - but just a bit of advice in keeping everything professional. 

1) The low cut top.

Just a little bit distracting, right?

Just a little bit distracting, right?

Now this one doesn't need much explanation - too much cleavage is just uncalled for. It's a distraction to everyone and really just unprofessional. It's perfectly okay to be comfortable with your body but there's a time and a place people! 

2) Sparkly/Glittery Items

Let's stick to dazzling people with your talents and not that shimmery dress. If you're at an interview, you really don't want to draw that attention to yourselves. As an interviewer they will be looking to see what skills and experience you can bring to that job title, not how much light you can reflect from your silver discoball dress. It doesn't work - not even if you put a blazer on top.

3) The rising skirt.

We all know we have those skirts, where everytime you walk a couple of steps it rises about 5 inches. You have to keep awkwardly trying to pull it down without drawing too much attention to yourself. I do still have one of these but I gave up because even though it was beautiful - it's just not worth the stress. You'll spend so much time being self conscious that it's risen up again or that people have noticed you pulling it down, that you won't concentrate on what's most important - making a good impression.

4) The see-through blouse.

Now in all fairness, these are easy to misjudge. Especially when you're in your house and the lighting is a little bit less harsh and it looks like you really can't see that much. You step outside and your bra's on full blast. It is the ultimate nightmare. My tip? Just stay on the safe side and wear a vest underneath. You'll save yourself a ton of stress and the worst thing that could happen is you'll be a little bit warmer. 

5) The 'trying' too hard heels.

Guilty as charged. I've often been caught up in some beautiful heels which just aren't worth the pain and ended up struggling a lot more than necessary. Every girl loves a good pair of heels, but if their not comfortable they're probably not right for the work place. Finding the balance between couture and comfort will not only save your throbbing feet at the end of the day, but there's less chance of you stumbling and embarrassing yourself on your first day/interview. 

6) The skirt with the slit. 

Oscar De La Rente - As beautiful as it is, that's a lot of leg.

Oscar De La Rente - As beautiful as it is, that's a lot of leg.

Now this is only a sin when the slit shows too much skin. When does it show too much you say? When you have to keep shifting to make sure not too much leg is exposed. I actually did this the other day with this lovely skirt I got from Edgars in Zimbabwe. I hadn't worn it that muchh before but when I got to work that day, sitting down was an absolute nightmare because the slit was just in the most inconvenient place. Try the skirt on and move around in it if you're not sure about the slit. 

7) Unironed/Unclean

This pretty much goes without saying but make sure that your clothes are ironed and presentable. If you spill some coffee on your way, it happens and there's not much you can do about that obviously but try and always keep a spare top in the boot (because these things happen regularly). Presentation is key and when you look well groom people automatically assume you're a neat and organised person. 

As I said above, what's acceptable and what isn't varies with each workplace and each industry so these are just guidelines that'll help on your first day when you're not too sure or on an interview. Hope this helps!!