Taking it back to Casual

As promised, I have returned with the part 2 of the Work to Casual post, which should (hopefully) how you guys one way of taking a work outfit to casual really easily and quickly. I've tried to include the prices, where the items still are in stock. In other words, if the price isn't there, they are probably sold out!

But yes I'm sure you've probably seen these trainers by now, either spread on a large billboard on Oxford Street or worn by some very trendy person on Instagram. I'd like to think I found them before the hype but then again, that's what everyone thinks. They're actually pretty comfy and quite roomy. I got mine in a size 4.5 but I probably should have just got a size 4 to be honest. Any whom I actually tried them on in a jokey way with these trousers and they actually looked really good, so they ended up here.

I am one for the formal wear; I love it. BUT those long commutes from work to home are not cute in heels, especially if you're in London. So here is the alternative to wearing a suit and some random trainers. A trendy look, that provides comfort and ease when you're getting home.  I hope you guys like the switch! And feel free to drop a comment. This is the first video of many, so if you have any improvements or suggestions, they are more than welcome!