My First Designer Showroom

Hello everyone!

So I know it's been a ridiculous amount of time since I've properly posted in the Business Fashion section, with the female empowerment and work advice getting a bit more attention. However, I'm back to loving my original baby and got a lot of things planned for this summer. At the moment, a lot of wonderful opportunities have been coming to light and one of them was being invited to Sinclair London's showroom last week AND getting one of their beautiful dresses made and tailored especially for me (big shout out to Alicya who is the designer and creative director for the company, find out more about her here). Sinclair London design and produce high end corporate clothing for women as well as providing bespoke tailoring services. As they said on their website:

"The signature silhouette is taking the quintessentially British menswear tailoring modernising its shape and cut in order for the garments to sculpt around the female form."

The entrance to the reception of SinclairLondon in Mayfair

Before I went to their venue, I had obviously seen their pieces on Instagram and had set my eyes on some gems. I also decided to browse their site and look at their services in more detail. The dress I chose RRP's at £450 and like some of you, I was thinking - does this dress have superpower's? However, I soon became a believer and I'll explain why plus show you guys in a future post how the dress looks!

Any whom, I've been to Mayfair a few times but considering I live 15 minutes away in High Holborn, I should be more familiar with the area. As you can guess when I found out the location was in Mayfair, I was pretty excited to say the least and the buildings did not fail to deliver!

The entrance to the reception was a beautifully well-lit pastel blue with a historic but relaxed atmosphere. I was greeted by a warm reception who then led me upstairs and offered me some beverages while I waited for Alicya to finish wrapping up her showroom.




Coming in I was able to see part of the autumn winter collection which I've featured in the photo above, and some more on another rail in the room. The dress in front is actually the dress I chose and is one of Alicya's (the designer's) favourite's because it was one of the first she designed! I've also featured a direct picture of the dress from the website on the right. This picture is what made me fall in love - the sheer panels, the layered detail and black is just always a win right?!

The idea behind this collection was to do something different from the typical office wear for the typical working woman (yes, yes & YESS to that!). I can't wait for more to come out.

As I sat opposite Alicya listening to her unravel a little part of her world and also her experience with Savile Row, I couldn't help but think how much I would love to be part of the fashion world. She seamlessly juggled directing the photographer and videographer, entertaining me and getting the showroom prepared for the various buyers that were coming in to view and potential purchase some of her collection. Talented woman!!

Finally, the packaging. It's very elegant and definitely has that final touch of class about it. In particular, the intricacy of the logo was quite captivating and all in all made me feel like a super happy customer (or gift-bearer) when I left. My dress was caringly wrapped in gold and popped in one of the sturdy bags below. All in all it was a very worthwhile trip and insightful into the company's ethos and branding.

In summary, thank you so much Alicya and SinclairLondon for welcoming me to the utmost and sharing a little bit of your world with me! I look forward to sharing with you guys how beautiful this dress is on!!