Handling Deadlines & Snacking

What a weird combination I've put together hey? Quite the contrary - I believe these two come hand in hand. The tighter the deadline and more stressful it becomes, the easier and more convenient snacking becomes. Often managers/partners are kind in enough to buy and offer treats round, which is healthy here and there. However, a lot of us once given this offer can be inclined to indulge in the snacking as opposed to just enjoying a snack here and there. So we tackle the issue at hand first - the pressure.

Meeting the Deadline (with less stress)

When the work starts to mount and the to do list seems less feasible - first thing to do is prioritise. Begin with the  more urgent work and then work your way down see even if you do run over course - the main, most important bulk of the work is done. Once you prioritise that also get's rid of the 'where to begin' issue - as trying to find a starting point can often be daunting. With some direction as to where you're going, you can also decide how much time to dedicate to each task in hand. Once you get the ball rolling and starting working, the hope is that you begin to look less at the situation like an outsider - bombarded the sheer amount of work that needs to be done and more like someone inside who's in control and working towards a goal.

Keep a diary. One of the simplest things to do but some people seem to think they can get by without. Even if you're not bouncing 50 tasks at once, it helps to know where you're at, at each point in time. Knowing you have a free slot somewhere means you can fill that time in advance - clearing down your list and getting closer to your deadline without taking an extra time out of your day. A diary means that you know your position in advance which means action can be taken sooner. This is more efficient within the team and can prevent problems that would otherwise be an issue that 'hits you by surprise'.

Keep your manager/team manager informed. If the work becomes over complicated or too much to handle make sure you inform whoever is in charge straight away. Some people may feel if they do this, they seem weak and incapable of completing tasks delegated to them. But being able to realise when you're in over your head is much better than ending up slowing your whole team down because they assumed you were fine. It's okay to let people know when you're drowning - that's what teams are there for. Sometimes managers may assume that a particular task is less demanding than it actually turns out to be - which is no crime in anyone's part. Instead highlight the issue and see what you can do to alleviate the pressure if possible with your manager. They may spread out the work with colleagues or even tell you an easier way to do it. Don't struggle alone (or snack away the stress!).

Now the snacking...

So now the pressure's gone - what if you feel tempted to snack on those chocolates with everyone else? Well willpower when it comes to food, isn't always that great for everyone - and I'm no exception to this lack of discipline. So where temptations are put in front of you bring something that will deviate you away from dipping too much into the devils sweet nectar too much. I once bought a box of grapes and every time I wanted to reach my hand to the chocolate Cadbury fingers, I took some grapes instead. I found myself more full from the grapes that in the end I didn't even need to snack as much. Plus once you lay the grapes on the table, you look a bit silly snacking on everyone else's food apart from yours.

Drink lots of fluid. Water, green tea, normal tea, squash - avoid fizzy drinks as these will get you on a temporary high before you need something till bring your energy levels up again. Some people find they need to drink coffee - I've never been a particular fan but I don't judge. My personal favourite is robinsons squash - with no sugar, green tea and water. 

These brownies contain only 110kcal per punnet with very low salt and fat. (And this is the naughty stuff! Imagine the healthy goods) 

These brownies contain only 110kcal per punnet with very low salt and fat. (And this is the naughty stuff! Imagine the healthy goods) 

Also graze boxes (www.graze.com) are great for delicious, healthy and filling snacks. They can even be delivered to your office (if you're at a permanent base) or just to your home and you can pick which snack you want to take each day. You can 'like' or 'love' the snacks you'd most like to try and they'll send you a combination of 4 of those each week/fortnight/whichever you choose.  

My final bit of advice is to eat a nutritional, filling breakfast. Try not to limit yourself by calories for breakfast, but focus on obtaining the fibre and most nutritional value you can as this well set you for the day. It reduces early morning cravings, and means you won't be tempted to overeat during lunch time. Healthy snacking between meals is of course advisable as it keeps metabolism high - but make sure to carry snacks from home so you don't get tempted to choose the easy option and delight what's on the table. 

Work can be a terrible inconvenience for dieting and trying to eat well - I hope this advice both helps and encourages you to keep at your healthy eating! As well as having a healthy mind by letting go some of that pressure and stress by handling the issue instead of running away. Have a blessed week everybody.