Marking the End of a Chapter

So this is a bit overdue but I'd been residing back at home and taking a bit of relaxation time. I finished at KPMG at the end of June and whilst I was super excited to finish, the day before I actually did was a bit of a shock to the system. As theatrical as it may sound, it really dawned on me that this was the closing of one section in my story and that I was moving onto other things. A lot of learning took place from October to June, both on a personal and work basis. I also made some friends as well as having some losses in my life. However, it was an absolutely amazing year full of growth and self realisation. 

I'm a person who loves to reflect before I move on and heck I did a lot of this as I was about to finish. As they say though, looking back too much can cause you to turn to salt as Lot's wife did and so I tried to avoid the pain of revisiting the past too much. So onwards and forwards we go. I've got an exciting summer ahead of me, with quite a few projects I'm working on which I'm looking forward to sharing with you all. I'm optimistic for the future, and I'm so glad and humbled that God has taken me this far!

Outfit Details: Trousers | Boohoo, Top | Dorothy Perkins, Blazer | Vintage, Pumps | Primark, Bag | H&M