Hump Day

Whether you’re working or studying full time – I think you’ll get where I’m coming from with this post. Wednesday is that uncertain middle ground where you’ve got over the worst of the week – i.e. Monday – but you’re edging closer to that beautiful day that seems so far away.. Friday.  I know people say, ‘if you love your job you shouldn’t ever feel like that’. My response is – rubbish. I do actually enjoy my job and even moreso, I’m happy with my colleagues and the amount of people contact I get. Nevertheless, it’s the classic case of whenever you’re obliged to do something it tends to drain the fun out of it. I mean think about it in the simplest of terms; as a child I’m sure many of us were curious about washing dishes and often even got excited at the opportunity of helping out with a grown up task. However, when you actually know you have to partake in the chores let’s just say the excitement starts to fizzle out. This applies in the grown up world too.

Especially on hump day.

You’re half way yet you still have a few hurdles to step through before it’s the weekend and you can relax again. So where do you find the motivation when the clock seems to be slowing down by the hour?

My first bit of advice would be to change your thinking. Many people have a mentality of having things to look forward to on a weekly basis or just based on the weekends. Change your forward outlook on the day, wake up and find something to be excited about for today and tomorrow. Whether it be a nice dinner you’re going to have when you get home, your favourite comedy on a Thursday evening or Zumba with the girls on Monday – let your excitement come everyday not just when Friday comes.

Second bit of advice - look good. I think this is fairly straight forward, look good - feel good. This is one that works for me in particular because I instantly feel less groggy and more positive. It's not that the 'au naturelle' look is unacceptable, but putting that extra oomph in tends to give you a kick up the derrier when you need some extra power for the day. Who knows, you could even knock a few compliments which is really known to improve your confidence.

Final bit of advice (yes, I'm keeping it short and sweet) try and remain engaged in your work. Time flies by a lot quicker when you're deeply involved in a particular piece of work than if you're distracted thinking about how bored you are. It may sound contradictory - I mean if you're bored, how do you become engaged. But to become bored, you often allow your mind to become lazy. Getting enwrapped in your job not only challenges you but it will make you better at what you do, which will make months go by like weeks - believe me!

That's my mid week pick up for you guys. For more business fashion / workwear or any work related topics that you feel I should touch on - feel free to drop a comment! Otherwise have a lovely week guys.