Social / Work Life Balance

There came a night in January when I was literally exhausted both from work and trying to fit in my insanity (it's actually as intense as it sounds). So I got into my bed cosy and comfortable, falling asleep within minutes. The whole night I dreamt about a lead schedule which I was doing at work for an audit - it was either that or I was moving restlessly in bed. This was when I realised I needed to find the switch off button for work mode otherwise I'd wake up seriously annoyed for many more nights to come.

Keeping a balance is a difficulty, most of all because sometimes our unconscious can linger on unfinished tasks at work whilst we'd prefer to focus on home life. This particularly applies the higher up in your profession you get. But as a gap programmer I realised maintaining a balance earlier on would help me in future.

So how to solve this problem? Especially as a young intern when most of your age group will be in university and partying late hours during the week. The first thing was making sure we had something to do during the weekend. If you're working Monday till Friday it's always good to have a hobby or at least something to look forward to on the weekend. Resting is good but sleeping in all weekend can often leave you feeling more drained when heading back to work on a Monday morning.

Go for drinks or meals with your colleagues. Getting involved with work socials can help see your fellow work peers in a more enjoyable surrounding whilst helping you relax a bit more. When you're there avoid work talk and try and find out more about your colleagues other interests.

Exercise - you've probably heard it before but it clears stress and helps you get a good night in. Go to a dance class or join a sports club, sweating with some fun and laughter involved is medicine for the mind and body.

Lastly, unless you have no choice, learn to leave your work at work. Don't take baggage home with you as it can often affect family and other relationships. Make a plan at the end of the day for what you'll get done tomorrow so you're at peace for the end of that day. Hope this helps!