10 Things You Should Have In Your Bag Before An Interview

Hello lovelies! So I did this blog post because I've mad a few nightmares before an interview where I have forgotten any one of these essentials and on one two occasions it has cost me the opportunity. Hence, I thought I'd share my few essentials so that you guys won't have to go through the panic and stress I did. This list is by no means exhaustive and I've assumed you've managed to remember your phone, wallet and keys. Let's get to it:

1) Let's start with the newspaper icon in the corner.

Those are any notes that contain research that you have done on the company. You should ideally have done plenty of this already at home, alongside any preparation for interview questions, so it should be etched into your memory by now. However, we all know nerves and a bad morning are enough to make us a bit forgetful hence it's always good to have this with you. 

2) Water. 

I mean this is pretty self-explanatory. Stay hydrated so your mind is fresh, your body is healthy and so you can avoid dry lips which make it a bit difficult to speak.

3) A power bank for your phone is essential.

If you haven't invested in one of these already I suggest you do, unless you don't use your phone at all. Ever have one of those mornings where you discover the phone you thought you had put on the charger before bed is actually under your pillow? Yep. This will solve all your morning stress as you can just connect your phone to this on your commute. There are cheap ones but if you're looking for longevity I'd be looking round the £20 mark. 

4) Pens

Don't ask your interviewer for a pen when you can avoid it. Coming across prepared and organised is highly valued by the employer and under-rated by potential employees. 

5) Hand Cream

You want that hand shake to be firm but not rough. This applies especially in the winter which tends to be a little harsher on the skin. Do not be too liberal with it though as you don't want the interviewer to awkwardly wipe their hand after shaking yours!

6) Chewing Gum

So there are a lot of people who don't actually chewing gum which is fine if you've eaten - but there is a thing called hunger breath and it ain't pretty. For those of you who may not know what hunger breath is, let me enlighten you. When you don't eat for a while, your mouth produces less saliva which allows bacteria to growth to increase and hence causes bad breath.

In the event that you wake up late and skip breakfast, make sure you've got some Rigley's in your bag to avoid killing your interviewer. 

7) Tissues/Wipes

I put both these up but I'll include them in the same point because they tend to do cover the same issues. Wipes won't necessarily clean every one of your tea spills and lip stick stains but it'll certainly help. If you ever have a runny nose or you've arrived with a bit of a sweaty face because you were rushing to be on time, you'll be so grateful you've got some tissues ready in your bag.

8) Diary

If you're like me and you write down addresses in your diary along with the times you're meant to be somewhere then this one will be pretty important. My diary keeps me sane as I know what's in the plan for the rest of my day. I'm also quite traditional in this way because if my phone does die on me for whatever reason, I know I've got paper to pen information that I can rely on.

9) Perfume

Have you ever forgotten to spray perfume or put roll on before you leave the house? I'm going to pretend I haven't either otherwise I might get a message from my Mum about simple things a 'lady' should do before she leaves the house. But did you now people also judge you on your scent? So make sure you're wearing something that's not too overpowering as you don't want to smother your interviewer. 

10) Vaseline

People speak better when their lips aren't crusty. Trust me on this one. Remember your vaseline (or lip balm/gloss of your choice). 

Let me know if you have any other interview essentials that you feel should be carried in a bag and I hope you enjoyed!